Belle Maternity

Belle Maternity is an independant program for motherhood (pre conception, pregnancy, postnatal) that help, support, accompany women and couples in Shanghai to improve the perinatal experience.

Belle maternity has been created to accompany and give appropriate counseling and support for women in  an holistic approach : from physical need (wellness classes) to theoretical and practical.

Belle Maternity is established in Shanghai, China

Through Yoga classes, Pilates Classes, Education and information around maternity, exchange, support, experts’ referral, network, hotline and free weekly tips we ameliorate your motherhood journey in Shanghai. 

Why Belle Maternity ? 

Besides OB GYN, Doctors and private clinics there was a need for independent, counselling for women and surrounding / support when being pregnant,  and after delivery. 

All the existing organisations were linked to medical fields and entity and only relate to one technique. We didn’t want to limit in taking care of pregnancy from one particular aspect.

We wanted women to be at the heart of our consideration, and our services to be as various, holistic and well thought to take care of all. We wanted to bring wellness and wellbeing around maternity at a higher level of support, trust, humanity and body-mind connection : that need was so much missing. 

DisclosureWe do not replace doctors,  nor physicians, but we work closely side by side to take care of women. 

What’s makes Belle Maternity different?

Belle Maternity is independent. In a world dominated by insurances and private social security, that means a lot. We have no financial interest in your delivery: We don’t work for hospitals, clinics, private healthcare entities. We are free.

Our words and concerns are transparent and free from financial pressures, we can give you an INDEPENDANT advice.

We talk. Yes

Belle Maternity is not one person, or two, but an entire team; As a team we work together around the woman, and her family.

We cooperate and establish a real care, goal and direction for women and families.

The  holistic approach and communication is vital. Our services are coordinated, we exchange with experts, doctors, nurses, paramedical, non medical, This global and complete surrounding on perinatal can get the woman an holistic, complete and various care and support on her motherhood. We believe Union Gives strength

Our aim and concern Is one thing, and one thing only: women’s well-being in their maternity and motherhood.