Recovery Master Series

Recovery Master Series : your body post delivery

Hand on belly

Celine Marais, French physio therapist has been specialized into abdominal care for post-partum and head of post partum physio department at The midwifery Center in Shanghai. 

From her experience in France, she has been used to work with women and pathologies around them (breast cancers, postpartum, c-section scarf treatment, postural rehab. 

She’s happy, smiley and positive mother of Three and real passionate about human care.

4 workshops to understand and recover from delivery  

Fridays September to October 9/21 – 10.30 am – 2 hours 

  1. 9/21 Connect with your new body : Postpartum general issues & hypo-breathing introduction -This session will focus on Education of the body postpartum and body check assessment: what are your needs.  Plus a practical part : Few first moves you can do post delivery, how to strengthen without damaging ?

  2. Exercises: practice the exercises, learn how to protect pelvic floor and repair abdominal after delivery. Learn hypo-breathing technique: « safe abdo » Bernadette De Guasquet school certified. 

  3. Pilates post natal – your form of exercises for recovery by Jey: exercises and muscles’ construction without damages. How Pilates is repairing and working on deep muscles : pelvic floor, deep abdominal and whole body’s functions.

  4. Consolidation: Review the basics, check the body’s answers and assess your knowledge into safe abdo and pelvic floor awareness; You have all the clue to « safe » workout.

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