Vicky Wu, mother 1 boy, happy RH mommy

I learn Yoga from my 13-week pregnancy to postnatal until now. And I started to learn Pilates right after my 45-day natural delivery. Previously I never practice Yoga or Pilates but other kinds of sports.

My body is weak after long time work accompany with travel plans. When I was pregnant, I need to find a way to bring back my energy and get rid of my blood sugar issues. My doctor referred me to Yoga. Thanks for the continues practice from the 13 week and professional guidance from Marie, I maintain a good health level for myself and my baby. I also surprised my doctors during my nature delivery – all data meet the target and my son was out after only 5 pushes. They gave me a nick name – Yoga mom.

After I started the 1-n-1 Pilates courses with Jey, I found the ‘core’ strength and learnt how to breath from internal, and practice my very deep muscles. My belly became smaller and smaller following the practice, and I feel more energies in the deep body.